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Process diagnostics, sensing, metrology, and control
Semiconductor manufacturing processes and equipment
Systems modeling, simulation, and optimization
Engineered learning systems

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Systems Design for Microelectronics Manufacturing Processes




Materials context: ENMA 659S version

Systems context: ENSE 623 & ENPM 643 version

Design Project


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This course brings together concepts, methodology, and expertise from systems and technology to address an important challenge confronting the semiconductor industry today. The interaction between systems and technology students in the course is mutually beneficial: students from relevant technology areas (e.g., materials, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering) bring engineering background in microelectronic materials and processing to provide the technology knowledge needed for a systems solution, while systems engineering students supply the methodology needed to design a technology-based systems solution for manufacturing. This combination of perspectives is essential in industry, and often learned only on the job in problem-solving teams. The team project in this course thus offers an early experience indicative of how things work in industry, with the possibility of meaningful research output from that experience.

Cross-listed in both systems engineering and materials science & engineering, this design project course brings together the relevant engineering domain skills from materials, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering with the systems engineering methodologies needed to develop solutions for complex systems.  The goal of the design project is to address a systems engineering challenge at the cutting edge of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

The focus of student work is a research design project, carried out in teams and as individuals under the instructor's guidance.  Lectures and resource materials cover: systems engineering overview; semiconductor technology integration; relevant process science and technology in the context of their applications and manufacturing metrics; and the systems approaches which drive technology evolution in the semiconductor industry.

For more information about the co-listed courses, see:
ENSE 623 / ENPM 643: Systems Engineering Design Project
ENMA 659S: Technology and Systems for Microelectronics Materials Manufacturing