Rubloff receives AVS Gaede-Langmuir Prize in 2000

Dr. Rubloff received the AVS' Gaede-Langmuir Prize in 2000 for "his inventive application of surface science and vacuum technology to the semiconductor industry, and for fostering an effective bridge between AVS research and manufacturing".

AVS Gaede-Langmuir 2000 Prize Lecture:
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Surfaces, Interfaces, and Chemical Reactions in Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing

Gary W. Rubloff

Atomic-scale properties and chemical reactivity of surfaces and interfaces constitute the science upon which semiconductor technology advances. Since thin film growth, etching, and modification occur as dynamic sequences of surface or interfacial reaction steps, surface reaction phenomena indeed determine the morphology, topography, microstructure, and chemical/physical properties of microelectronic structures, as well as their resulting functionality in devices, circuits, and systems. The surface science community brings an invaluable set of research strategies to understand, control, and advance semiconductor technology, particularly in combining vacuum technology and highly controlled process conditions together with surface, interface, gas phase, and thin film materials characterization. These synergies are proving effective as well in addressing key issues in semiconductor manufacturing.

Rubloff - Gaede-Langmuir Prize



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