Our research in nanotechnology and nano-bio technology involves collaborators from three colleges and diverse disciplines. I believe this gives students and postdocs the breadth of exposure needed in a rapidly changing R&D world, along with the fundamental depth required for scientific and technical rigor. Our current research includes:

Research highlights

Materials Scientists, Conservators Join Forces to Preserve Silver Artifacts and Art

Sierra Magazine highlights Parag Banerjee's work on optical cicuits

Atomic layer deposition (ALD): conformality in very deep nanopores

Combinatorial approaches to understand ALD process chemistry

Nanotube synthesis by ALD in nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide templates

Programmable enzyme assembly and catalytic activity in biomicrosystems (bioMEMS)

DNA assembly on programmable electrodeposited chitosan sites

Microfluidics device and packaging for programmable bioreaction sites in bioMEMS

Real-time advanced process control in GaN based semiconductor MOCVD and devices

Recent news (more)

Xinyi Chen receives the 2012 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.

Marshall Schroeder named John and Maureen Hendricks Energy Research Fellow

Parage Banerjee Joins Washington University Faculty

Gregorczyk Wins Second L-3 Fellowship

Jordan Betz ACS Meeting Talk Recognized by Chemical & Engineering News

Clark School honors Parag Banerjee for student research

Israel Perez completes MSE PhD, joins UC Irvine

Wei Lei develops new WN ALD process for advanced semiconductor technology

Prof. Rubloff to lead new Dept of Energy "Energy Frontier Research Center" in electrical energy storage

New program focuses on atomic layer deposition for Josephson junction based quantum computing

Breakthrough in electrical energy storage based on electrostatic nanocapacitors (Nature Nanotechnology)

Xiaolong Luo receives MRS award.

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Biological microsystems and biomaterials

Nanostructures and energy applications

Electronic materials and, processes



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